Kinkbird is a sex toy discovery site and blog.  I wanted to make a place where people could discover many safe and non-toxic toys as quickly and easily as possible.  While I do have a few of my own reviews and experiments, most of my work focuses on reviewing reviews.  Let me explain.

I believe it is easier to pick a toy when there is thorough side by side comparison.  You will find many of our posts have round ups of toys from all over the internet.  For example, in our huge dildo guide you find an ogre dildo on Etsy (Germany), a hulk dildo on GeekySexToys (Australia), and a horse dildo on bad dragon (Arizona).  I love these types of posts and couldn't find many of them out there.  

I don't quite have the money to buy and review all 20 toys for a given post (i dream of that day).  So instead i read all the reviews on each product and link to any reviews from the professional sex toy blogging community.  This works out great for me because I get to do what I spend all my time doing anyways, browsing for butt plugs, dildos, etc at 2 AM.

 I read every review on retail sites like Amazon, Lovehoney, and SheVibe before i write the post.  Sometimes there are hundreds of these reviews,  I love reading people opening up about their sex lives and finding out all the good and the bad of the product.  Believe me, if there is something wrong with a sex toy the reviews will show it, which I pass on to you in my guides.

The Importance of Safe Toys

I live five blocks from Smitten Kitten, the sex-positive shop owned be sex toy trailblazer Jennifer Pritchett.   In case you don't know, Jennifer lead the way in doing some of the first lab tests that revealed the dangerous chemicals in toys sold by most distributors.  Smitten Kitten was the first sex shop I ever went to and I remember seeing their Jar of melting jelly dildos labeled "These are toys we DON'T sell".  I asked the sex toy experts there more about it and they told me the stories of jelly dildos melting in the hot Minnesota summer - it was an eye-opening moment for me. 

I feel really proud to live near an important place in sex toy history.  As a Minneapolis native, I feel a strong obligation to help educate everyone about the unethical nature of the novelty toy distributors.

In my guides I only list body-safe products.  There are some occasions where I share interesting novelty toys, like the world's biggest dildo the Moby Dick(PVC) but we label these with a clear stamp that says "TOXIC" so people know it is not safe for use and only a gag gift.



Amelie is a sex toy nerd, writer, designer, and Kinkbird's resident sex toy researcher.

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