Sextoysandflowers.com combines two of my interests: sexuality and plants.  

Sex toys and flowers are the typical decorations in my room, sometimes accidental, sometimes on purpose. When I day-dreamed I'd stop to admire how harmonious a vibrator looked alongside a vase of pink daisies, or how stoic a vixskin dildo looked next to my bonsai.  That got my creative juices flowing, and eventually this blog became a thing.

In the beginning I thought I would just review some sex toys and take pictures of them with plants.  I'm still doing that, but now I'm focusing more on making sex toy discovery tools and longer guides.  There's a lot of fantastic artists in the world of sex toys, especially on Etsy, and I want everyone to know about them.

I'm not a fan of shady XXX shops, jelly toys, or skimpy toy packaging.  And so, sextoysandflowers.com is a place where that stuff just doesn't exist.

Some of my favorite shops are Smitten Kitten, Japi Jane, Sugar, and Self-Serve.  They are the pioneers, role-models, and visionaries, i'm just trying to help out a bit with that vision.

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