Sex Glider Guide: What Is the Best Monkey Rocker For the Money? (Love Glider, Sex Slider)

A sex glider (aka Monkey Rocker) is a completely self-powered sex machine, and works like a rocking chair.  

Unlike a rocking chair though, there's a dildo that fills you up with every rock.  You can control the depth and speed of penetration by using your legs and the handle for leverage.

drawing of a love glider and monkey rocker

Love gliders work for both solo and partner play, and they fit any suction cup and O-ring compatible dildos.  

The main downside of love gliders, sex sliders, and monkey rockers is that they can be expensive, so to help you find the best sex glider I put together this guide with overviews of the most popular models.

Sex Glider

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The Love Glider in action


Sex stool sex glider hybrid


F-Slider Pro Monkey Rocker

The F-Slider is the highest quality Monkey Rocker I have been able to find.  Unlike the lovebots model this is handmade in America and feels very sturdy and solid.

It sits about two feet off the ground, i'm 5' 7" and it was a comfortable height for me.  

It comes with a universal dildo holder which can hold Vac-U-Lock or any harness-able dildo. The angle of the dildo is also adjustable which lets you find the perfect spot.  This also makes it a good sex rocker for trying out anal positions.

The only issue I had with it was it was a bit squeaky right out of the box.  I used some white lithium spray on the joints and it went away completely.   After writing the company about this they apologized and said that almost never happens.

  • Holds up to 350 pounds, it's overall solid and well-made
  • Made in USA, ships internationally
  • Dildo angle is easy to adjust
  • Comes with 7 inch dildo and lube
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to hide

Lovebots Love Glider

This is the alternative to the F-slider and has been around for the past ten years.  So lets dig into the review:

When it came in the mail it was a bit flimsy.  I had to tighten all the bolts myself and then it worked well, maybe they do this for shipping purposes though, i'm not sure.

As far as the rocking goes it is smooth and enjoyable definitely works like a monkey rocker should.  It includes two dildos which are pretty cheap, I swapped them out for one of my vac-u-locks right away.  If I go too fast it can start to creak and it makes me nervous at times.

If you do decide to purchase one of these my advice is to make sure to take it easy.  Start slow and work your way up to stronger rhythms.

  • Less expensive than the F-Slider Pro
  • Control the depth and rate of penetration by how fast you rock.
  • Works with any harnessable dildo
  • Comfy seat with plenty of padding
  • Not as sturdy as other monkey rockers, some reviewers report it breaking
  • Did not come fully assembled out of the box

Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Glider

This is an alternative to the monkey rocker that can get you a hands-free stimulation.  Its a type of sex stool or weightless sex chair that includes a dildo mount.

The panels on top are springy and elastic.  After sitting on them you can ride the dildo by bouncing up and down.

Compared to glider its a little more wild.  Expect your hair to being flying in the air more when using this.  If you are looking for a workout and a sex toy, this is probably one of the best.

The dildo mount is also removable, so you can substitute in your partner and use it like a sex aid.  In fact sex stools are often used by people with knee injuries to have extra support during sex.

  • Much more affordable
  • Control the depth and rate of penetration by how hard you bounce
  • Works with any suction cup dildo
  • check
    Easy to disassemble and hide
  • Not the full monkey rocker experience
  • Difficult to control the angle of the dildo
  • Weight rated up to 200 pounds
  • More of a workout than a traditional sex glider

Sex Glider Ideas and Tips

The Two Person Threesome

The monkey rocker lets you experience what it is like to have a threesome but with only two people.  While you are getting penetrated from below you are free to perform oral on your partner.

The Partner Takeover - As you get closer to orgasm it might be hard to continue rocking.  This is a great chance for the partner to continue rocking you back and forth on the glider.   Talk about a great show!

Use Vibrators and Other Toys 

The glider does all the work and leaves your hands free.  You need to try using a vibrator for clit stimulation as you are riding.  The only problem with this can be orgasms that are too intense to keep rocking.

Guys can use a sleeve toy instead of a vibrator.


For those who are do-it-yourself savvy it might be worth looking into making your own sex rocker.  I personally haven't tried this yet, but it is possible and there are some youtube guides that can help you get started.

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